Why does the ex-gay movement provoke rage and censorship

By Christian Concern | Posted : Feb 14, 2018 @ 03:48 AM | From : London, UK | Last Updated : Dec 25, 2018


In the light of Vue Cinemas cancelling the premiere of 'Voices of the Silenced', Carys Moseley looks at the fervent opposition to the ex-gay movement and shows the need for the freedom to seek help for unwanted same-sex attraction.

This week the private screening of Voices of the Silenced, the film produced by Core Issues Trust interviewing a number of ex-gay people from different countries was cancelled by the host Vue Cinemas in Piccadilly, central London. This was after the LGBT news site Pink News wrote an ‘exclusive’ story on Tuesday 6 February revealing details of the private screening. On Wednesday 7 February Pink News revealed the screening had been cancelled following ‘a Pink News investigation’.

This isn’t the first time Core Issues Trust and its director, Mike Davidson, have been hounded and censored by the press. The important question though is why. It is clear from the original article that Pink News supports not only the Memorandum of Understanding signed by several mental health organisations opposing clients’ right to choose therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction but also making this illegal, against the government’s publicly-stated view.

Baroness Barker thinks society should send therapy supporters ‘packing’ Pink News were quick to obtain quotes from LGBT members of the House of Lords, with Lord Black of Brentwood condemning all such therapy as ‘wicked’, and Baroness Barker making the following statement: “People who preach gay conversion therapy are zealots who are prepared to cause great harm to LGBT people in order to perpetuate their warped view of the world. Happy, healthy societies should send them packing.”

The question is where would she like people who support therapy, along with clients who are now leading happier, healthier lives because of it, to go? This is relevant because she is a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global LGBT Rights. As this group is closely involved in influencing the diplomatic affairs of the UK post-Brexit by keeping up the pressure on the government to spread LGBT rights worldwide, it is important to say that the Baroness’ utterly undiplomatic language does them and the government no credit.

Will the government officially distance itself from her illiberal and sinister comments?

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