Nigel Farage Blasts The European Union - Conspiracy Of The Elites

By Editorial Team | Posted : Mar 16, 2018 @ 10:40 PM | From : AGENDAHOUSE TEAM UK | Last Updated : Dec 25, 2018


All of the nations trapped within the European Union are told what to do by arrogant, bloated, pseudo-intellectual leftist globalist bureaucrats that far outweigh the voices of the rogue logical patriot that managed to find their way into European Parliament. They tax, they dictate laws, they control the lives of the citizens of Europe.

Nigel Farrage, former United Kingdom Independence Party leader, breaks down the corruption and unscrupulous actions of the EU in PragerU’s latest offering: “Brexit: Why Britain Left the European Union”. Farrage spent 17 years representing southeast England as a member of the European Parliament and fought long and hard for Brexit in the hopes of regaining greater sovereignty for the United Kingdom:

“I like nations. I like borders. I like the people that live within those borders making their own laws, but I don’t like it when faceless bureaucrats make laws for nations they don’t even live in…But that’s what they do in the European Union.”

The faceless EU bureaucrats, resembling the dystopian leaders from ‘Brave New World’ more and more everyday, want to strip European nations of their heritage, of their political establishments, of their laws, and of their sense of self. This is the antithesis of what PragerU and Farrage see as a healthy and free existence as a sovereign nation.

To illustrate the absurdity of the EU’s practices and the near impossibility of enacting reform, consider the following: EU’s Parliament meets consistently in Brussels, the EU’s headquarters, but once a month, the offices are moved to Strasbourg, France. It costs EU taxpayers €300 million per year for no reason. The reason this has not been overturned stems from the fact that all 28 nations have to vote to change the treaties that established this absurd practice in the first place. France will never vote to overturn this as it would come at an economic detriment to the nation.

Simply put, Europe must remain a series of sovereign, free nations for it to truly be Europe. The conglomeration of countries and cultures and the removal of borders is proving to be an experiment that is beyond failure.


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