Left-Wingers OUTRAGED Britain Won’t Imperialistically Impose Gay Marriage Laws on Bermuda

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Britain’s Labour Party is demanding the UK government impose an imperialistic diktat upon the predominantly black citizens of Bermuda for refusing to adhere to the liberal-left’s same-sex marriage demands.

Helen Goodman — Labour’s shadow Foreign Office minister — said the devolved, democratic decision taken by Bermuda to repeal gay marriage laws — “turns same-sex couples into second class citizens”, implying force should be used to impose gay marriage laws.

“For that to happen anyone in the world would be shameful. For it to happen in a British territory, for the legislation signed by a British governor and permitted by a British foreign secretary makes us complicit in something which this House has repeatedly voted against,” she argued.

Apparently imperialism is fine, but only in the pursuit of leftist goals like those of the LGBTQII++ lobby, in a mostly Christian nation.

The British government called Bermuda’s decision “disappointing” but resisted getting involved despite the island’s status as a British Overseas Territory. It’s almost as if the Brits retain some knowledge about holding together an empire. If Bermuda were in the European Union, there’d have probably been some kind of sanctions, or perhaps a gay-migrant quota by now.

Black left-wing activist member of British parliament David Lammy MP somehow managed to invoke slavery into his pro-imperialist arguments:

“The first slaves we brought to Bermuda in 1620, oppressed, segregated, discriminated against… And that is why leaders like Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and Barack Obama have not just fought for race rights, but they have fought for rights of lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

“This country has been one of the world leaders on this subject – so if this is not the issue on which to refuse assent I don’t know which is.”

The Green Party’s Caroline Lucas called it an “absolute scandal” that Britain was not willing to enforce LGBT ideals on another nation.

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