British Labour transgender activists create blacklist of female Labour feminists who are opposed to transgender women from being placed on Labour’s all-women shortlist

By Christian Concern | Posted : Feb 14, 2018 @ 04:09 AM | From : London, UK | Last Updated : Dec 25, 2018


The Labour Party has found a new group to persecute – women. Transgender activists, named ‘Labour Against Transphobia’, have published a hit list of female Labour feminists who object to transgender women being placed on Labour’s all-women shortlist (AWS).

This is a game of numbers – the more transgender women there are vying for a political position the less opportunity there is for biologically born women. The existence of the list typifies the fascism we have come to expect from Labour. These women are being ominously targeted for the imagined crime of transphobia and risk being harassed, ridiculed and expelled from the party. The misogyny and threats of violence against these women are depraved and the desire to police language and purge dissenters is Stalinesque in ethos and effect.

But we should be unsurprised at this debacle given that Labour’s Women Officer is a man who now calls himself Lily Madigan. Labour is allowing itself to be hijacked by transgender activists such as Madigan, to the detriment of women, and has embraced anti-science dogma by placing men masquerading as women on to its AWS. At the same time dissenting women are bludgeoned into obedience lest they be accused of the Orwellian hate crime of transphobia. Transgenders are obviously now the new victim group that the Left fetishises and the rest of us are accused of oppressing them.

Hard-won rights for women are no longer important to Labour members. What matters to them now is this latest minority cult, full of rage and craving attention at all costs. Conservatives might enjoy this spectacle of the Left eating its own. But it is no laughing matter. Pandering to this form of identity politics is indicative of a much bigger problem. The long march of cultural Marxists through our institutions is now almost complete.

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