BBC 5 Live Discusses Treatment For Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction With Mike Davidson

UPLOADED February 05,2018 @ 03:54 PM  

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Pastoral and Counselling support for Same-Sex Attractions

"...As a Christian who has experienced same-sex attraction but who has chosen to move away from the gay identity, I found this paper [pastoral and counselling support] deeply helpful. It sets out a framework for Christian ministry among people whith same-sex attraction which is psychologically rigorous, theologically orthodox and pastorally sensitive. Such ministry is vital if the traditional Christian teaching on sex is to be the life-affirming force which God intends, and not a millstone around the neck of those who experience same-sex attraction..." Rev Sean Doherty, Tutor in Ethics, St Mellitus College, London

By: Editorial   |   Posted February 19, 2018